Well, it’s 2015, and we’re knee deep into production of Chapters 3-5 here in the studio! It’s still early, but, we’ve got some preview stuff to show off for those of you that are eager to see what’s in store for Bleeding Edges in the coming months! Despite minor setbacks (including my (David) attending of Katsucon 2015 in Maryland yesterday) we’re ready to start giving you some preview stuff to look at!

Chapter 4 Page 2 Frame 3 PreviewTo the left, we’ve got panel art from Chapter 3, showing Gyest standing irate (most likely ranting at Tobias and Zenji for some reason), and ready for action. The colorizing technique used in the panel will be the new standard for every piece of interior art produced for Bleeding Edges. This will, of course, eventually include the first two chapters, which will be re-released digitally once all 5 are ready for scheduling. We are also beginning plans to launch a Kickstarter in summertime that will pave the way for us to be able to release Chapters on a month to month basis for our readers. The story of Bleeding Edges is meant to be consumed quickly (or binged on in massive doses!), so it stands that the series needs to come out on a MUCH faster release schedule. This will be difficult at first, but with your help, we can make it a reality!

Tim and I have HUGE plans, twists, and epic stories that we want to share with you. But, we’ll need your help in making that happen in the future. We’re taking this project to the next level with this phase of production, and our Kickstarter planning.

P.S. Tim and I are also in the very early stages of planning a second series for Sequential Revolution, and will be quietly hunting for artists for new projects.

Stay tuned for more preview content (we have much more to come!)

-David A. Nova

-Tim Bowen

-Sequential Revolution


Work is underway on Chapters 3-5 for Bleeding Edges, after a short break to refresh ourselves and our spirit for the book. We’ve been assessing what we did right with Chapters 1 and 2, and what we (ultimately) did wrong with our first launch. One of the issues that we hope to address with the next three chapters is the pacing of Bleeding Edges. The story, being inspired by many long running manga stories, tends to develop at a slower pace than most American comics… so a faster rate of page release (or really, anything better than 1 page a week) would be most preferred to maximize the enjoyment of the reader.

Another issue we’re looking into is color… Chapter 1 and 2 were produced in black and white due to time constraints, mostly. But, if everything works out, Chapters 3-5 may end up in full color from the start. But, it’s still far too early to tell if that will end up being the case.

Another issue we’re looking into is Website design and the reading environment for the web edition of the comic. While, we’d like you to be able to download each chapter and (eventually) volume individually, it may end up being preferable for some readers to continue reading on the website, so, we’re looking into some redesign options for SR that may take place early next year.

Preview materials will be posted throughout the early part of next year.

That’s all for now,

Happy holidays, and merry new year, as it were. We’ll see you soon.

Bleeding Edges Chapter 3 Early Preview 1

Raw panel preview from a page in Chapter 3, early pencil sketches by David A. Nova.











Above, we’ve got the two new (and slightly reworked) images that we’ll be using in the ground campaign in Virginia. I’ve already ordered about 100 of these postcards, and will order more if they prove effective.

You can help us with our ground campaign too! Simply download the images yourself, and print them out on card stock to assist in spreading the word about Bleeding Edges! Or, if you’re willing to shell out some cash, order some from Vistaprint, or other online services!

We look forward to hearing all about your efforts, and your stories!

Thank you so much for your assistance!


So, as you all may know, this Thursday is the anniversary of 9/11, and, we feel that, although we make no apologies with the content of our book, Bleeding Edges, considering the bad timing of the artwork that’s coming on Chapter 2: Page 9, we should delay the release of the page until Monday of next week.

To give you a bit of background on the situation; I realized that 9/11 was coming up, got curious, and started to count when our pages would release… this was right around the time where I was detailing Page 9… and I came to a shocking realization… the page was to release on 9/12… and this just didn’t sit right with Tim and I.

We won’t spoil what that content is, but, we feel it would be in poor taste to release it on Friday, the day after 9/11. When it does release, on Monday, we want our readers to know that we didn’t plan it like this… we rarely plan anything that far ahead (we’re more concerned with character arcs, and how to evolve the story), and that this is the result of bad timing. We don’t believe in censorship here, so, changes will not be made to the panel in question.

To all those that like to have your page of Bleeding Edges on Friday, or the weekend, we’re sorry if this upsets you, or inconveniences you, and assure you that this is a one time thing, that pages will continue to release on schedule.

Thank you for your continued support!

-David A. Nova

Sequential Revolution

STEPONTHATNETIC!!GyestPreviewFrameInkCH2 Just showing off the three images we’ve previewed on our social media outlets!

Though, since this is more of an official post, I’ll go into it a bit more.

The first panel on display is showing my process. You’ll notice that my pencils look a bit more rough than my inks… this is just sort of how I got used to doing my panels. Since I don’t have an inker, I treat the pencils phase a bit rougher, because I like to add little details and improvise in the inking phase. It makes each phase interesting for me, so I don’t end up feeling like I’m just tracing my work over in black.


The second panel, which was chosen by Tim, is a little more simplistic than last week’s example. It’s from a series of action shots in Chapter 2, obviously, so you’re lacking a bit of context. I’ll update with inks to show how the image evolves when it’s finalized and tweaked for corrections and whatnot when the time comes around.

Though, I will say, that, as far as action scenes, this one is interesting, because the characters are actually in free fall the whole time, so that has produced an entirely new set of challenges to overcome! I enjoy challenges.


Zenji colorsActonMan, it’s been so long since I designed these guys! There’s a reason why they’re being featured in the same blog. It’s obvious by the time Acton leaves Zenji and Tobias to escape his ship, that the two are somehow connected (after trading ambiguous insults and boasting throughout their small grudge match). But, as to how connected they are, I’ll leave to your own speculation.

Zenji is a mystery, as he’s first seen forming his own body out of the cracked and battered asphalt of a ruined apocalyptic cityscape. We know that he’s not quite human… or is he?

General Acton, on the other hand, who had his introduction in Chapter 1 as well, is first seen torturing and teasing Tobias about his mother’s death. He takes a blood sample from Tobias before he’s interrupted by Zenji, crashing through the hull of his ship.

General Acton makes a comment before they begin fighting; “It’s been sixty years since I first awakened in this body, do you honestly think I’d neglect learning how to use it?!” Leading us to believe that, despite looking human for the most part, that he’s not… up until this point, all of the Netics we’ve seen are completely mechanical. What’s so special about Acton?
I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

As for their designs, we wanted Zenji to look like a Shaolin Monk, so we gave him a color-scheme to fit (although, it’s not possible to see that in the b&w version of the comic). You’ll also notice that he’s not white! He’s of mixed race, and you’ll find out why that is in future chapters.

Acton, on the other hand, has a purplish tone to his skin that almost glows…
I wanted his skin to look almost zombiesh (is that even a word?), and I
experimented with a green tone to his armor… inspired by Harpuia from Megaman Zero, of course, the lights on his tech armor, also differ from standard Netics.

I still need to finish the details (so busy!)

Hope you enjoyed this little look at these two character designs!

I wonder what designs we’ll look at next?!?!


Well, the year is almost half over, and we’ve been riding the Chapter 1 train of Bleeding Edges for a while now.Things have been pretty quiet here while I (Nova) prepare to move to a new apartment. Though, while I haven’t had a lot of time for the micromanagement of the SR site, I have been planning some other forms of entertainment for all of you loyal (and maybe not so loyal) readers. We’ve got some You Tube content ideas that are in development, and are still actively pursuing ideas for more free weekly webcomics not related to Bleeding Edges. Of course, we’ll be updating you guys on all the details once we’ve got something more concrete to show off!

Stay tuned, and keep reading!


Well, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve said anything on here, so I might as well put up a rant, and I call this the Barrel Analogy.

Most people have heard the phrase “Scraping the bottom of the barrel” when somebody is stretching for ideas to use. I like this, but quite awhile ago a friend of mine and I came up with a far extended thought on this matter, mostly with regard to Hollywood and their choice in productions. There have been quite a few times when scraping the bottom of the barrel really wasn’t quite far enough, and I think that the recent announcement of the “Jem” movie is a perfect time to bring it to a larger scene.

You see, Hollywood really doesn’t have a barrel to scrape the bottom of anymore, scrapping the bottom of the barrel implies that they still have a wealth of ideas to use, and this obviously isn’t true. Most of the time we can’t look at the A list movies without seeing at least 2 remakes, franchise reboots, or some terrible(Or awesome) book that they’ve turned into a movie.

I’ve beat around it for quite awhile setting it up, so here’s the extended Barrel analogy.

The barrel is a metaphor for all the ideas that could be used, lumped into one container, but once you get to the bottom and there’s nothing there any more, what do you do? Simple, you take apart the barrel and use it for something else. First you take the bottom of the barrel and remove it. Perhaps to use as an awful Frisbee, but once your wooden Frisbee hits a tree or a wall, it shatters, and you’re left with husk of a barrel, no bottom, no top. The Barrel can’t hold anything! So what do you do? You make an outhouse with it, dig a latrine and use that barrel for a commode. So now, as you use this barrel for excrement and such you(Hollywood) see a shiny little quarter, you must have eaten it in your moronic attempts to get rid of writers block, and now you fish it out and use it.

This is the extended barrel analogy. Hollywood no longer has a barrel of ideas to use and produce into wonderful and exciting movies, it’s mostly filled with shit, occasionally as I mentioned, they find a shiny quarter or nickel and these are the A-lists that we love sometimes love, but it doesn’t change the fact that the quarter was still covered in crap, and that everyone who touches it is now at risk of being infected with bullshit. It’s sad, but true.

Hope you enjoyed my little rant, and are inclined to ignore any of the bullshit that Hollywood tries to feed you.

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